Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ModelSpotting: PABLO HERNÁNDEZ | The 24-year old sexy and beautiful Cuban

He is young, desired by many, shot by the best and openly gay. Pablo Hernández is a young model with Cuban and Argentinian origins presently lives in Miami and fulfilling his dream of becoming a model. Gaining much popularity, he has been invited by the world best photographers, publications and underwear manufacturers. He has also appeared in an episode in the revived Charlie's Angels TV series and traveled places to join editorials and shows.

But Pablo's life wasn't always easy. He has gone through so much in his tough life. From a suicide attempt to a condition close to that of epilepsy for which he still continues to take ten pills a day, he also battled with bisexuality which he kept from his girlfriend till a year ago which all affected his confidence in wanting to be an actor. 

In this collection, his irresistible appeal and charm are highlighted by the gorgeous editorials of Instinct Magazine and Revisita Nois. Every collection boasts of his beautiful skin, his smoldering almond eyes, the perfect patch of well trimmed body hair, and sensually choreographed poses. 

We do agree, Pablo Hernández is indeed one of the most beautiful models today. 

Want more? Click ModelSpotting or ModelSpotting Un-Cut. Enjoy!

By Rick Day (Instinct Magazine Swimwear 2012)

By Armando Branco

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