Sunday, March 24, 2013

ModelSpotting: JOSHUA MICHAEL BRICKMAN | The 25-year old captivating American with boyish charm

Undeniably captivating, Joshua Michael Brickman boasts of photo sets that are downright seasoned and mature. He is young yet his eyes cut right through. The frozen moments captured remain alive and each flicker of emotion seem very much present in his photos. There is deep sensuality on his very young lips. Luscious and sexy, yet remains innocent and untouched.

It is rare that a model can come across so sexy yet keep their naive image. Remaining holy that leaves the looker confined to one's thoughts for it almost makes one guilty to have impure thoughts over someone who's only fault is to be beautiful.

Joshua has had a long modeling career in publishing, magazine covers, catwalks and advertising for major firms. He has also been the star of several reports such as DNA Australia. 

Presently living in Miami Beach, Florida, he is one of fashion's most tempting offering. His perfect body and seductive face, will surely launch you into a new realm of desire you will not recognize. Enjoy!

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By Justin Violini | Paul Reitz

By West Philips

Bonus shots from Model Mayhem

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