Thursday, December 6, 2012

ModelSpotting: HEATH HUTCHINS | The 23-year old Miami Beach, Florida blonde sculpture

For a model to stand out, he or she has to be memorable. A rare and unique look, character or attitude. Sometimes even a signature walk. And sometimes, one finds a model who simply draws attention unintentionally with just by staring.

Heath Hutchins does exactly that. Blessed with a pair of gorgeous sea blue eyes, he barely has to do anything else and you are drawn to him completely. Sexy and melancholic, his eyes speak millions of languages, emotions pour in buckets any photographer would be delighted to work with him.

Tall, muscular and absolutely stunning, the 23-year model's smoldering looks make Miami Beach, Florida look so inviting one may think if all the men in Florida look this fine.

Effortlessly seductive, he excites and fascinates and his crown of blond hair completes the masterpiece perfectly. Suffice to say, he is almost perfect.

Heath Hutchins
Height: 6' 2" | Weight: 186 lbs | Chest: 42" | Waist: 30" | Shoe: 11.5 | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Blue | Management: The Block Agency

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  1. Was checking out your blog and decided to click on the guy with the blue flannel! Wow, absolutely STUNNING!! He breathtakingly perfect, reminds me of a Viking/Nordic God ala Thor! Stunning!


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