Sunday, December 30, 2012

ModelSpotting: DEN WOK | The 23-year old underwear model from Russia

Den Wok is one of the most in-demand models today. Only 23, he has modeled for the most popular underwear collections such as Addicted and ES Collection. This beautiful boy from Moscow, Russia has traveled various parts of the world such as China, Macau, Thailand and Europe, shooting for various campaigns and photographers. 

I feel most fortunate to receive in invitation to like his Facebook fan page and couldn't help but think that it may be because of my ModelSpotting series which is the most popular series in my blog.

Here I am sharing as many photos of this gorgeous young man and some snippets from an interview he gave to another blog site.

Den Wok
Born on August 4, 1988 | Height: 6 '0 (182 cm) | Weight: 78 kg | Chest: 41'' | Waist: 33'' | Hair: brown | Eyes: Blue 

Here are snippets from an interview courtesy of Stunning Men Who Grace This Earth.

"Hello! I am from Russia. I am 23 years old and was born in Moscow. All my life I have been active and have practised sports. When I was 7, my dad took me to a hockey match and it all started! Since then sport has been my life."

On modelling: "I got into the modelling business quite by incident. I never thought about it until someone suggested I should try! I thought, why not? Now I enjoy the work. I got to meet wonderful people with the ES Collection shoot, Joan Crisol and Héctor Aguilar."

On preparing for a photoshoot: "Before a photoshoot I make sure I am in top form and train actively at the gym. I also have a good sleep. I always eat healthy food. I haven’t eaten meat for two years; only fish and sea food, fresh fruit and vegetables."

Advice to aspiring models: "I can give you one piece of advice for life, always be positive."

Asked if he is a fashionista: "I’m not a fashionista, but I think I dress fashionably enough. I have different tastes. I prefer comfortable sportswear. Depending on the situation I also dress classically. The clothes from the ES Collection are perfect for the beach!!!!"

Top three favourite exercises at the gym: "My top favourite is abdominal exercises, the second is squats and the third is the bench press."

The best form of cardio: "I think the best cardio I get is when I'm wearing gloves and enter the boxing ring. And of course sex!"

His free time: "I like going to the cinema, the gym and meet with my loved ones and close friends. I like going to the country and the sea. I enjoy reading; the last book I read was Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. I also like travelling all over the world. I like learning something new all the time."

Boxer or briefs: "Boxers !!!!!"

Words he live by: "Love, life, respect."

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Photography: Alex Bego | Salvador Pozo | ES Collection | Addicted


  1. I love this young man. He is so hot.

  2. How did he start modeling? Where did he apply?


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