Tuesday, April 10, 2012

JESSICA SANCHEZ | Truly deserving to be the next American Idol! Watch her performances!!!

It's very rare that we are blessed to be represented by real talent in American Idol. There have been Fil-Am's in the show before but none has so far come up to par with the international sound and packaging that AI is looking for. Until... JESSICA SANCHEZ.

Not just a great singer. The girl truly has an international appeal, beauty and sound that can be marketed worldwide. Not to mention the most number of standing ovations from the judges for their solo performances.

Jennifer Lopez has made a fearless forecast that Jessica and Joshua might be the two people in the finals. Let's all cross our fingers and pray that it does happen and America votes for her.

And so yes, I truly feel that there is a huge chance that Jessica might take home this year's title and we Filipinos can help. Let's share and post this as much as possible and be very proud! Yan and tunay na galing ng Pilipino!

I Will Always Love You - Top 13 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11

Turn The Beat Around - Top 11 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11

Everybody Has A Dream - Top 10 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11

Sweet Dreams - Top 9 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11

How Will I Know - Top 8 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11


  1. ,,what a voice..!As such a young age she had the attitude and professionalism that a singer must have...and one more thing I like the most about Jessica, is the way she walks on the stage,,she looks like a model walking in the runway..;)

  2. I can't wait for her performance this week and hoping for another standing O...

    I really do hope she's gonna win the whole competition. All the best, Jessica!

    Great write-up, by the way... :D

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Share please!!! :o)


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