Thursday, October 13, 2011

NICKI MINAJ on COSMO and NAYA RIVERA on FHM! Who's hotter?

It's two of the hottest women on the magazine covers this November. Yeah, you guessed it! Just the right combination to keep you warm and with a smile on your face. So, enjoy!

Naya Rivera — One hot cheerleading lesbian

Full name: Naya Rivera 
DOB: January 12, 1987 
Place of birth: Santa Clarita, California 
Occupation: Actress

Naya Rivera facts
  • She plays lesbian cheerleader Santana Lopez in your ultimate TV guilty pleasure, Glee.
  • She used to work in telesales.
  • She's been on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Why FHM loves Naya Rivera

Naya is by far our favourite hot lesbian cheerleader. We say that like we are constantly swamped with hot lesbian cheerleaders, which could not be less the case. No, Naya Rivera is the ONLY hot lesbian cheerleader we have ever seen. She is also a fictional lesbian.

Don't let that ruin your day though because she unbelievably gorgeous and she is on the cover of YOUR November issue of FHM, wearing (what could be) YOUR shirt (but isn't).

She's been gadding about being a top actress and singer for some time now, but says she had a very ordinary upbringing. She didn't go to a swanky drama school, no, just your average Joe state school where she says she 'wasn't very popular.' Unless it was a blind school, we find that hard to believe Naya.

She's been on The Fresh Prince and Baywatch, which are the two shows that pretty much defined who we are as men, so she can't be half bad. One of the rather heavier lowlights of Naya's career was watching comedian Redd Foxx die on set. Everyone thought he was faking a heart attack. He wasn't.

Nicki Minaj heats up the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s November 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (October 11).

The 28-year-old “Super Bass” rapper chatted about where she sees herself in the next 5 to 10 years. Check it:

“I’ll have hundreds of millions of dollars. I will have put out five albums and will have an Oscar and Grammys,” Nicki dished. “And I will be getting married and, a couple of years after that, will have a bun in the oven.”

For more from Nicki, visit!

FYI: Nicki is wearing a Simone by Katie Nehra dress.

Source: FHM | Cosmopolitan | Just Jared

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  1. Naya Rivera is hotter ..
    damn! She's so sexy >_<


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