Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Kris Allen deserved to win? Here's why!

So many people are reacting to the American Idol results. Honestly, I wonder why? I'm not a fan of any of them, instead I simply analyze which one is the most marketable given the present times. Kahit naman kasi mag-react tayong lahat, e as if it will matter naman. Whoever wins any competition will never satisfy everybody. It's part of our nature naman, kahit nga super ganda or gwapo na the person in front of us, we still find something to complain about. Especially Filipinos. Sad but true.

My views are simply from the point of view of someone who came from the entertainment industry. Thanks to my FANTASTIC mentors, Mr. Ramon Chuaying and Ms. Bella Tan, we were trained to have a very good eye for superstars, and very pair of ears for sound (voice) that is going to be huge, marketable and commercial.

Madali naman talagang magsabi na magaling ang isang performer. Usually and mga hirit ng tao:
"Ay, bongga! Ang taas ng boses!"
"Ay ang ganda niya! or Sexy! Pogi! Guwapo! Tangkad! Ang puti!"

We look for so many things... Kilig factor, looks, height, shape, size, skin type, cleanliness (lalo na Filipinos), ilong, tenga, lahat na!!! Sa totoo lang, kawawa ang mga performers dahil in summary, ang hinahap ng mga tao PERFECT! As if the will ever happen di ba? Mga illusyonado tayong mga tao e.

KRIS ALLEN (The Most Commercial)
The cutest contestant in AI8. Boy-next-door slightly young-ish but naughty-sexy love to kiss gentle animal. Hahaha! In short, simple pero nakaka-libog. Importante yan! Dahil hindi ka lang dapat guwapo sa industy na ito. Dapat pinagsnanasahan ka! Mabango pero di mukhang bading. Sexy pero di mukhang manyak! Guwapo pero di nakakasawa. Cute pero di mukhang boring na walang alam. Inosente pero oozing with sex appeal. Kris Allen is in short, a love to be first wild lay in bed.

Maybe he does not have the most amazing vocal range. But his voice definitely has character. A voice that can easily be identified as Kris Allen. This is a very important qualification for recording executives as it is important that a voice is quickly recognizable to the public as their artist. It's also not just a voice that's different, it's beautiful for the current songs and song types that are not just commercial, but also vocally playful. In short, it's what you call intelligent singing. A good singer is not about having a great voice quality. But someone who knows how to use his voice. Take for example Barbara Streisand. She does not have the most beautiful voice, but she knows exactly what to do with her voice to sound good. Therefore, that is why Kris Allen sounds good in the songs he does. Not only did he sing them in a manner that will make him stand out, he even works with an arrangement that can make his voice part of the entire orchestration, thus making the song sound very together. Singing is not just about showcasing one's voice, it's about making your voice part of the entire band. As if your voice is just one of the instruments. That is what a real singer is.

Lastly, Kris Allen has the star quality. A singer that can be an actor, endorser, spokesperson, etc. A singer’s life does not just revolve around music. To keep one’s career alive, they must possess many qualities that can help sustain their popularity. Increase their fanbase and have them respected by many sectors. Otherwise, if it’s only music that they know, then they suffer the same fate one-hit-wonders have in the past. And as for an album, I believe we can look forward to a great album with great arrangements, vocal play and something that one can play, sing-a-long from start to finish. Now that is an artist that can last a long time.

ADAM LAMBERT (The Acrobat)
Adam Lambert generated the most buzz in this season of AI. Fantastic singing yes. Physically pleasant yes. But why do you think did he not win?

Here’s why: HELLO!!! Bading na bading!!! And as much as he wowed everyone in AI, the truth is not everyone will vote for him given that the gay issue is surrounding him. Just google and you will find tons of pictures and issues about him.

Yes he looks good and is quite powerful on stage. One can’t even turn away once he starts staring with those freakingly beautiful eyes! Man! God gave him the most amazing pair! But truth is… The heterosexual world will still fantasize a straight guy. And AI’s fan base is predominantly female.

So, siyempre kahit di naman nila makukuha si Kris Allen or Danny Gokey, vote pa rin sila. Because whether we admit it or not, we all fantasize, and if we do, siyempre dun na sa straight.

Not everyone favors men with eyeliner and nail polish. Emo-Goth fashion that may look good on him, but honestly…. A bigger percentage still prefer the Kris Allen types…

His personality on stage has also become his undoing. Too much exposure to theatre has made him into a great entertainer, but has also stripped him of being himself. Hence, he always comes across as very “staged”. Always proper when speaking and always theatrical when performing. Quite overacting and always projecting.

And what makes a true artist? It’s not just about impressing the audience with your vocal acrobatics. It’s connection. Again, how they can touch the hearts of their audience. That is how you make people to remember you for a very long time. Many freakingly good singers with Guiness-sy vocal range have been broken into the industry, but where are they now? Kasi puro birit! Pero may puso ba?

Did he make just out of my seat with his vocal acrobatics? HELL YEAH! But did he make my heart jump? Not at all… How come? Falsetto can only take you to a certain point, after a while it gets useless when singing songs that require depth. While Adam’s falsetto can go a long way, his natural voice isn’t as good. Fantastic range YES. Beautiful voice? It’s just the same as any good Filipino singer really. I believe we have many Filipino singers who can out-sing him. And using the natural voice if I may add.

Vocal acrobatics are great, but an entire album filled with it? I don’t think so. As much as I am very impressed with his voice, one cannot help but see, he is not for a solo career. Instead, he will make a freakingly GREAT addition to a rock band as its lead singer.

An extremely talented singer with great vocal range, but easily forgotten.

DANNY GOKEY (The Teddy Bear Power Singer)
Danny Gokey must be one of the most charming AI finalists ever. At first he does not really catch attention. But as time goes by, one begins to notice his unforgettable almost impish cute wanna-pinch-the-cheeks smile that make his eyes small and look so cute.. but at the same time mysteriously sexy.

An artist that grows better and better, and is liked more and more. That is one very hard quality to find, and that is what has made Danny Gokey stand out.

Having gone through a very tough time, and I don’t mean to be insentive… Danny’s wife’s death was probably the best reason as far as his performances are concerned. Each performance grows with intensity. Heartfelt. Engaging. Send shivers down your spine. And almost seem like he’s about to have an outburst of emotions that seems like he’s screaming for help. Someone whose emotions are so strong in his voice and song that the connection is so strongly established even the judges fail to speak and simply say, “I know this song means so much to you” (Simon on Endless Love).

That is the most important quality needed for a power ballad singer. Someone who can make anguish felt and seen. Someone who can make love seem visible and splash into our faces like cold water.

A singer who is not afraid to lose the quality of his voice in the name of interpretation. (As with Dream On during Rock night: “It’s a dream, so I scream” says Danny). Simon said it was terrible, but I believe many felt that that was the night he let go of all inhibitions and everything else he was keeping bottled up.

Danny Gokey, the one finalist in Idol who knew how to give a performance that had grand endings. Numbers that start gently and just builds up into a huge and intense climax. Like an artwork that you view up close and you slowly walk away and see the grand beauty that is it from far away.

Danny Gokey, the vocal powerhouse that can move mountains. The heartbreaker and soul of AI. The one Season 8 Idol who knew, the power of his voice lay in his heart. The voice that can last for many many years given great songs. Someone, I predict will be the most famous out of Season 8.

ANOOP DESAI (The Under-Anoop Dog)
Who would have known. And there is no discrimination here, but really… An Indian with a voice like that. Man, if I was still in the record industry… I would go wild and run after this guy.

Anoop Desai has the most beautiful voice of all the Idols this year!!! A beautiful soft, soaring, gentle, easy, effortless voice… So clear that you would almost think this guy must have had a hell of a vocal coach.

It is very rare to hear a voice combination of such, one that can possess such grace and ease that any song sounds so easy.

Just listen to Ooh Baby Baby and you will see the ease and how he simply floats in the entire song. Singing soft is the hardest of all. Honest, it’s not singing out loud, but singing inwards, high notes that require sustaining and varying dynamics. And man, does Anoop have control. Even Randy Jackson was floored with it!

I believe Anoop will be popular someday. Given the right packaging and make-over, there is potential. No genre, just a beautiful album with well written songs that will showcase his fantastic technique. Man I can’t wait!!!

Can he win? Nah, I don’t think any contestant who is not American will even win AI. But what’s great? The world is teaching AI, there are great singers around them. Even better than them. :o)

So, let’s not complain ok? Honestly, I think this Season is the best ever. I myself have never been so confused with who I wanted. As far as I am concerned, I believe all deserved to win. But from the point of view of a record executive, I can honestly say that Kris Allen is the one that will rake in the money for the industry.

Kris Allen
An album that contains maybe 4 commercial songs that can be huge radio hits. Even soundtrack to some movies or tv series. Songs that people can sing along with and remember easily. Well arranged songs that have great solo part for band members so that even band would love to play it. After all, that’s Kris Allen’s signature.

Adam Lambert
Honestly, he’s a Daughtry in the making. I don’t think he can look as good solo. So, a band will be the best route.

Danny Gokey
The perfect voice for movie soundtracks. Even probably for huge occasions such as themes for the Olympics, Independence Day, Benefit Shows, etc. But more than that, I believe his albums will stay with people for a long time. Because he has a voice that calls out to people. A true artist that makes one sit and REALLY listen… In case you noticed, the judges did not really use the line "Who is Danny Gokey as an artist?" (Kara's favorite line.) Reason? He was very clear who he was. And that is the best thing about him. :o)

Anoop Desai
This guy will big someday. Someone in the record industry will pick him up I know it. :o)

I really wish I could say much about the girls. But none of them were really memorable. Great singers yes, but more than that... they were simply the best looking set of girls any season has ever had. But none of the LaToya London or Jennifer Hudsons. :o)


  1. Hi Jays... got to see your blog.site. You're right and a good critic, thanks ba to mr. chuaying? haha! You know what...top 12 palang bet ko na si Kris Allen, he's a type na may connection na agad sa mga gals, especially while performing. Adam, gusto ko din with his powerful voice and the whole package, pang market tlaga kayalang bading. Danny gokey, oh i miss to watch him, i like the way he smile and with his eyeglass on. Anoop Desai, ah okay din yan, best to sing R&B, kayalang in AI, malabo syang panalunin noh. Oh i can't wait for the next season. Sad coz wala na si Paula, but i think Ellen Degeneres would be okay as judge. Oh i can't wait for Simon with his facial acts and straight comments, hahaha!

  2. Thanks for the comment Grace :o) Kakaaliw naman at you read ang pagka haba-haba kong blog haha :o) I'll keep blogging, hopefully you'll enjoy them. Hahaha! :o)


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